Making dance art is an expensive proposition. Yet, no dance company in America can survive only on ticket sales. Enormous costs are involved in publicity, community outreach, email and information management, booking rehearsal space, paying for expensive costumes and jewelry, and photographic and video documentation.

We are an emerging company at a time when government, corporate and foundation funding for the arts is waning. The only way we can even dream of taking up touring, community education,and nurturing additional young dancers is if you support us financially.To take a line from the Beatles, we can only get by with a little (and preferably a lot of) help from our friends .... our families ... and YOU, our dear and valued supporters!

If you've liked our work before, and if you want to help us take wing and grow even further, please support the work we create with a donation. You will find that your contributions of time, money and goods will be greatly appreciated by all the dancers in our company, and are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

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