Artistic Director/Founder: Payal Kadakia

Payal Kadakia started dancing at the age of 3 under the instruction of Usha Patel, and has been trained in various classical and folk styles of Indian dance.

Payal has always been known for her creative, yet powerful choreography. The professional quality of
 her presentation combined with her graceful dancing and artistic integrity has allowed her to become a true ambassador of Indian dance into the Western culture. Her dancing and choreography have been the highlight of numerous events and festivals across the country, and her work has been featured in many live as well as television and film productions.

Payal’s commitment and passion to raising the awareness of Indian dance has cemented her status as a role model for dancers of all cultures. Payal has been quoted as “the dancer possessing not only stand-out talent, but the undying passion, congenial disposition and sharp business savvy to be truly a force to be reckoned with” as the South Asian culture continues its inevitable integration into America. Her work has been published in a Bollywood Anthology called “Global Bollywood,” alongside legendary names such as Farah Khan.

Payal is now continuing her work to bring more awareness
to Indian Dance within a Western society through The Sa Dance Company. Through The Sa Dance Company, she hopes to share her and her dancers’ passion with New York City and beyond.

Payal is also the CEO & Co-Founder of ClassPass.

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