Dancer Spotlight: Sona Thaker Durgana

By on Jun 6, 2014


Meet Sona

Sona Durgana started dancing at the age of three under the instruction of guru, Usha Patel. Sona has trained in classical and folk styles of Indian dance and has explored various other styles after moving to New York City. Sona has been dancing with the Sa Dance Company for five years where she has had the opportunity to perform at various notable venues. Sona is a certified yoga instructor and enjoys helping children maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We Interviewed Sona…

1. What is your dance background?

I began dancing shortly after I was walking. I trained in classical and folk styles and competed in competitions throughout most of my life.

2. Tell Us About Your First Dance Performance.

My first dance performance was at age 3. I was the youngest one in the group and it was my first time on stage. I spent the whole song two beats behind everyone else trying to keep up. My eyes were wondering around stage trying to figure out what step was going on, but my smile was huge! I never gave up and never stopped dancing. It is still of of my best performance memories!

3. Why SA?

Sa creates an amazing opportunity to be with a group of women who grew up with a passion for dance. It is a place where we can be creative and take a break from our busy lives. After a long day of work it is always nice to see the ladies of Sa and dance the night away together!

sona4. Who are your role models?

In life – My parents. They exposed me to so many things as a child and always allowed me to follow my passions. In dance – my dance teacher, Usha Patel. She gave me such an amazing opportunity to start dancing at such a young age!

5. Will you be dancing at 80?

Of course!

6. If you were stuck in a room and could only do one dance move over and over again what would it be?

Spins! I do these on a daily basis around our kitchen while I cook. It makes my husband laugh :)

7. One word that describes dance to you.