About the Upcoming Sa Dance Company Showcase

By on Jun 9, 2014

10311846_10152155746723831_5777989992229152311_n (1)“Fill my heart,” instructs a song in the repertoire. And the Sa Dance Company does, by transforming into a village, a war scene, boatmen, a herd of flamingos. Through movement, structure, and expression the dancers convey stories. Here are women fetching water in rural India; here are lovers separated in battle; here is the hope of new refugees; here is flight.

Reflecting Indian contemporary dance through a lens of traditional Indian folk and classical techniques, the Sa Dance Company creates a style that is as fluid as it is distinct; at once primordial and complex, pastoral and urbane. The vision is both tender and dreadful. Yes, there is a sense of loss, but also a hint of progress. The dancers evolve by recalling and revising the past. The dances emanate with a violent beauty from demonstrating Indian American history and attempting to reconcile and heal.

Through the 2014 showcase, the Sa Dance Company urges the audience to move forward, but not without being fulfilled through composition that is varied, layered, urgent, and worth witnessing when the Sa Dance Company takes the stage at The Ailey Citigroup Theater (405 West 55th street) on June 27th and 28th.


©Carlton S. Chotalal Jr.
10305614_10100277937487848_2876884250777036217_n“For most of the dancers, our childhoods were tinged with nostalgia for a life we never actually had. Our memories are lush with images, songs, stories we heard from our grandparents,  parents, or picked up during extended trips to India. We have all studied a variety of forms: Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak, Garba, Bhangra, Rajasthani, as well as Jazz, Ballet and Hip-Hop. . . it’s about time we address this fragmented, dislocated subconscious. Through dance we are attempting just that; not to create a new identity but to shape the one we have.”

– Payal Kadakia, Sa Founder & Artistic Director


The concert will feature four segments, each with a distinct kind of Abhinaya (story-telling). From a romanticized village we’ll see traditions and rituals played out in form, followed by the emotional upheaval of exploring internal terrain and cross-cultural germination in ideas and movement. The fourth and final piece will be the company’s homage to the Bollywood style that has swept the world.

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